Name: Mike Roberts | Title: Associate

Years in CRE: 4 | Years with M&A: 4 | Nickname: Burt

Why M&A?: The culture and tight-knit community feel in the office. Everyone is so genuine and always willing to help each other.

Alma mater: Colby University

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Mike Desk

A little about Mike

This recent Colby graduate and football star is an all-around team player. With his attention to numbers and superb analytical skills, Mike is a natural addition to our financial team. That’s not all though; Mike’s adaptability and willingness to learn propel his skills far beyond just financial analysis and have lent themselves to numerous projects. He is always focused on the end results and ensuring that clients are able to reach their end goals. From a young age, Mike has been fascinated by the work that goes into real estate and is now thrilled to be part of all the behind the scenes action. It’s safe to say Mike is a summer loving guy. When he is not in the office, you will most likely find this Duxbury native at his favorite spot, Fenway Park, or spending a nice afternoon on Duxbury Beach with his family and friends.


Mike is a vital member of our team, with a background in construction and accounting, he understands the big picture and the details for every financial analysis. Mike’s work ethic and aptitude delivers impactful insights and drive solutions for all of client’s business needs.”

Sam Cole

Senior Vice President, McCall & Almy