Name: Marion Jones

Years in CRE: 31 | Years with M&A: 23 | Nickname: MJ

Why M&A?: Working for M&A is unlike any other company. You are treated so well that it makes you want to work even harder.

Alma Mater: Suffolk University

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A little about Marion

Marion is so unique and invaluable to our company, she doesn’t even need an official title – because none would do her justice. She does everything for our office – especially keeping everyone in line, getting just about anything you need done and making people feel at ease. She’s the voice of M&A when you call or the warm face that greets you when you step in our doors. Marion’s also known for anticipating everyone’s needs and has an uncanny knack for finding stuff that you can’t find, whether it’s on a computer, or the web or just plain in your messy office or bag. As a dog lover, Marion takes pride in showcasing pictures of our office pets and raising a rescue pup of her own.


Marion always puts the team first. She understands our needs before we do, and she goes the extra mile.”

Brittany Warmington

Executive Assistant, McCall & Almy