Name: Lauren Donahue | Title: Senior Vice President

Years in RE: 11 | Years with M&A: 4

Why CRE?: During my interview process I was struck by how engaged and enthusiastic everyone I met with was about McCall & Almy and its culture. Now, a few years in, I can see why. McCall & Almy has “big firm reach” with the benefits of small firm culture, and the opportunity to work closely with best-in-class colleagues across all levels of the organization is what makes M&A especially unique.

Why CRE?: Real Estate is an engaging intellectual challenge: it’s about blending the facts and figures of a deal with the personalities at play to ultimately guide business forward.

Organizations: 2019 Connect Media Women in Real Estate

Organizations: CBA, NAIOP

Alma mater: Smith College

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A little about Lauren

Powered by caffeine, caffeine and more caffeine, Lauren is a force to be reckoned with. As a double major in economics and philosophy, she can balance the quantitative against the qualitative to fit a wide array of her client’s needs. She is a meticulous reader and researcher which comes in handy when she’s reading contracts and leases. Before McCall & Almy, Lauren worked primarily with investors and landlords, so she has the inside scoop when it comes to dealing with them. She goes into every meeting with all the facts and clients can rest assured that nothing will get past Lauren. Raised in Chicago, this lifelong Cubs fan is known to spend her free time walking around the city, enjoying a good book or checking out the newest local restaurants.


Lauren’s financial background paired with her in depth knowledge of leasing concepts and attention to detail allows her to excel. Whether she’s analyzing complex rent schedules or red-lining a lease document, Lauren’s approachable personality and quick wit make her easy to work with – we’re glad she’s on our team.”


Executive Vice President, McCall & Almy