Name: Harrison Bailes | Title: Financial Analyst

Years in CRE: 1 | Years with M&A: 1   

Why M&A?: I met with a member of the McCall & Almy team during my senior year at Boston University. He spoke very highly of his colleagues and of the meaningful work they do on behalf of clients. My favorite part of the company is the people. Everyone is so welcoming and knowledgeable.

What is your favorite perk about being at M&A?: Besides meeting so many friendly and professional people, I love the Financial District. The hustle and bustle atmosphere is one I’m not familiar with growing up in Los Angeles, and I think it is so motivating.

Alma mater: Boston University

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This financial wiz is all about the numbers. Harrison is known for his Excel skills. He enjoys building economic models that can change with one number being adjusted. His proficiency allows him to identify key metrics and trends from a set of data that would not otherwise be visible, allowing our clients to make informed commercial real estate decisions.

An LA native, Harrison has always been intrigued by commercial real estate, having worked for his father’s firm early in his career. He always wanted to know the story of each building he passed from ownership to the economics of operating the property. When not crunching numbers, this Kombucha drinker, Beatles fan, and aviation enthusiast has his eyes to the sky to see what planes are in the air and where they are going or exploring Boston’s many neighborhoods looking for what makes them unique.