Name: Danielle Donovan | Title: Associate

Years in CRE: 4  | Years with M&A: 3

Why M&A?: The people and the culture – everyone here truly wants to be here and is grateful to be a part of the team.

Organizations: Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston

Alma mater: University of New Hampshire

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A little about DANIELLE

Danielle is an integral part of our ever-growing lease administration team. Her calm demeanor and laser focus enable her to dig through a large amount of information and turn it into a manageable resource for our clients. Having grown up with five siblings, Danielle is used to the inherent craziness of the industry and has mastered the art of patience and organization. Her favorite part about her work is the constantly changing environment and the ability to be involved in a variety of projects at once. A true adventurer at heart, Danielle loves spending her free time hiking, skiing and being outdoors exploring new places.


Danielle’s focus, analytical skills and work ethic have quickly become evident in the short time she’s be with McCall & Almy. She’s a team player, faces challenges head on, and remains calm under pressure. All of those things have made Danielle invaluable to both M&A and our clients and we couldn’t be happier to have her on our team.”

Jennifer Elia

Senior Vice President, Lease Administration, McCall & Almy