Name: Cassandra Go | Title: Marketing Specialist

Years in CRE: 4 | Years with M&A: 4 | Nickname: Cassie

Organizations: Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston

Why M&A?: McCall & Almy is a family.  The people here are passionate about their work and care about helping each other achieve their goals.

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A little about Cassandra

Cassandra has made her mark at M&A and taken on every task handed to her with poise. The ultimate multi-tasker, whether she’s producing tour books or planning the next great event, Cassandra always has a smile on her face. Her creativity, attention to detail and superb design skills make her the perfect marketing specialist. Nearly everything we put out goes through Cassandra and you can always count on her to get the job done on time and deliver the highest quality product. This dancer since the age of 2 has incredible energy, organizational skills and work ethic. In her free time, Cassandra loves to go home to Connecticut and spend time with her parents, two older brothers, and adorable nephew.


Cassie brings creativity and passion to every project she is involved with, and her quality of work reflects that. Working closely with every member of our team, she keeps the wheels turning, and we couldn’t imagine the office without her.”

Kati Brigham

Vice President, McCall & Almy