Name: Albert Tierney | Title: Executive Vice President

Years in CRE: 41 | Years with M&A: 28 | Nickname: Sandy

Awards: McCall & Almy epitomizes what it means to be a member of a team laser-focused on the success of its clients and the achievement of their real estate goals and objectives. The most successful and enduring real estate firms have a culture that promotes thorough and thoughtful analysis, strategic planning and decisive action. Led by Bill McCall for 30 years, McCall & Almy has developed close, longstanding relationships with its commercial and institutional clients by providing real estate expertise and judgment beyond their expectations.

Awards: 23 National Squash titles

Organizations: SquashBusters, US Squash

Alma mater: Dartmouth College | Post grad: Boston College Law School

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A Marblehead native, Sandy spent his high school years at the Brooks School before attending Dartmouth and BC Law. Sandy has a thoughtful and disciplined approach in both his business and personal life. It’s near impossible to make Sandy mad. Maybe he owes this to all the years of being an attorney before jumping into commercial real estate. This judicious personality not only makes him ideal for our clients, but also the people he manages. Sandy gives clients great insights because he takes the time to consider creative, off-market options and partners with the right teams. But don’t mistake his ability to remain calm as a lack of competitive spirit. Sandy is a fierce squash player with 23 national titles to his name. He also loves the excitement of closing a deal.


Sandy has a very conscientious approach to real estate. His well-timed advice always takes into account what is best for the university. He knows when to push to get us what we need.”

Katherine N. Lapp

Executive Vice President, Harvard University